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For all your projects requiring 3D printed or laser cut prototypes, electronic inserts and various optimization tweaks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our experts will be happy to develop projects with you at an affordable price!


Modeling  and  design

We do 3D modeling for all types of projects. Be it industrial prototyping, everyday objects and even accessories and props from your favorite series, films or video games.


Arduino  projects

Using « Arduino » microcontrollers, we can create systems which you can interact with. Depending on your needs, these systems are controlled by commands (ex. Keyboard), have a display (ex. LCD screen) or even sensors (ex. Finger print scanner).

On the picture, this access panel uses an RFID card reader and a password to unlock. When successful, a code is displayed and is blocked again after 3 minutes.  When not in use, it goes to sleep after 1 minute.


Offline  portable  server

A closed infrastructure is capable of presenting information during an activity without relying on Internet access. To help manage the flow of an activity, these systems are useful in areas where Internet access or electricity is limited.

Our systems can work on a standard server or a mini PC.


Electronic  equipment  making

Our business finds electronics and technical solutions for your recreational needs.

For example, we are currently preparing a remote controlled vehicle for our future simulation events.

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